European Massage

Stress reduction, deep relaxation, relief from physical pain or discomfort.
Includes Deep Tissue or Prenatal.
Available as:
90 Minute     $110
60 Minute     $75
30 Minute     $55

Amma Massage

Medical massage designed to treat specific conditions by incorporating acupressure points into the treatment.
Available as:
90 Minute     $110
60 Minute     $75
30 Minute     $55

Hot Stone Massage

A European massage with deep heat provided by the stones. Eases tension deep within the muscles to relieve stress and achieve total relaxation.

Massage Add-Ons

Headache Massage


Scalp Treatment



Complete Reflexology

Ancient massage technique that treats stress related conditions by stimulating each organ, through corresponding pressure points in hands and feet.

Foot Reflexology

Mini version of the Complete Reflexology treatment for the feet only.